How We Work

A Step-by-Step Approach


By breaking the process down into steps this enables us to tailor the process to you and your individual circumstances and needs. You are in control of how much you want us to do and how much you want to spend.

You may just want help with the first step of untangling what you’ve already got, or you may want to go straight to putting a product or policy in place, and that’s fine too.


First 1 hour Meeting at our Expense

Whatever level of advice you need I will meet with you for an hour, at our expense.

You want to find out if we’re the right people to help you, to ask us questions and to make sure you understand what services we offer and how we can help you. You need to be happy that you can trust us to deliver what you require.

We need to find out about you, your current financial situation, your values and financial objectives, and the exact nature of what you want us to put in place for you. By getting a detailed picture of you and your finances we will be able to provide you with the best solution. We need to be happy that we can meet your expectations.

Following this first meeting, we will write to you with a personalised engagement letter that confirms your current financial situation, the services we will provide and the cost of these services.


Financial Plan – Research and Design

Once you have agreed to our quote and the services we will provide, we will go ahead with our research and analysis.

In most instances we will need to view any existing products and policies to make sure that they will deliver what’s expected and that they are still relevant for your circumstances.

Next, we will research all the available options, comparing with existing products where relevant. If we are recommending that you put in place a new product or policy we will look for the most appropriate one for your particular circumstances. We may include a cash flow analysis to help project your finances into the future. It can help to see how your income, and expenses might change over time  – especially when you retire and income usually drops. It gives the ability to identify ‘gaps’ – what your retirement income might look like if nothing changes, relative to what you would like as your income. Cash flow modeling also allows us to do “what if” analyses.

We will then report back to you with a written report, summarising your circumstances and objectives, and attitude to risk, detailing the research and outlining our recommendations. These will be clearly set out with reasons why they have been made.

We will then meet up with you again to discuss the report and answer any questions you may have. You can then decide whether to proceed with any of the recommendations made in your own time. You may decide that before making any decisions you want to look in more detail at some of the recommendations.

There could therefore be an additional step in the process.


Putting Financial Products and Policies in Place

Assuming you accept our recommendations and want to proceed, we will then start work on implementing those recommendations, completing all the paperwork with you and chasing the applications through to completion.

We will agree the cost of implementing the agreed recommendations before we proceed.

We will keep you informed along the way and summarise everything for you once completed.


Staying on Track

Once your plan/policy/pension is in place, or your investments have been made, it is a good idea to make sure that everything is on track. A Review Meeting may be part of our on-going service or you may wish to arrange one independently. We will meet with you to confirm that your circumstances remain the same and that your goals and objectives have not changed. If you have an investment or retirement portfolio we review the performance of these portfolios and consider any amendments to asset allocation strategy or the underlying investment funds. We also assess how the plan is progressing and how you feel it is working for you. We answer any questions you may have and decide whether we need to make any changes. We would usually suggest meeting once a year.



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