About Me

I set up Leabourne Financial Advice in 2012. I set up on my own as a directly authorised adviser for 3 main reasons:

  1. To focus purely and simply on giving Advice. Financial advice, not product or policy pushing. It may well be that at the end of our process there may be no product or policy recommended. If we do make any product or policy recommendations they will have been chosen because they offer the best solution for you.
  2. To make a difference in people’s lives.  Money should be an enabler – not an end of itself. It’s about what you want out of life and how our advice can help you to achieve that. By taking time to get to know you and what your aspirations are then we can provide you with the most appropriate advice. I think its important to keep in touch with you on a regular basis so that you know what I’m doing and how everything’s going.
  3. To provide advice based on a fair and transparent pricing structure that aims to allow financial advice to be accessible to people from all walks of life and at all stages of ‘wealth’ creation. People who see the value in that advice. We charge a set fee for a set piece of work. There are no additional layer of charges from your investments. We believe that if your investments are to grow they should not have multiple layers of fees taken out of them. So we don’t.

Prior to setting up Leabourne in 2012, I spent 25 years as an investment manager, investing in share markets, managing pensions funds and unit trusts.

This has given me a real depth of knowledge of financial markets, and financial products.

It also gave me a real understanding of risk. This is really important when finding the right solutions for you. How much risk you are willing to take and can afford to take are key components of the advice process.

I hold the Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning.


Sarah Pohlinger

Sarah Pohlinger