What We Do


Although we believe we can add the most value when we provide you with a full financial plan, we can also provide you with different levels of advice dependent on your needs:


Full Financial Plan

We offer a personalized plan to help you see where you are today and the steps you need to take to meet the goals and objectives you want to achieve in the future. It provides you with a financial roadmap.


 ‘Untangling Your Finances’

You know you need to do something with your finances but you just don’t know where to start. Everything you have is in a mess and there’s paperwork all over the place.

I can help you make a start by ‘untangling’ your paperwork. I can look through everything to work out what products and policies you’ve already got and what they mean for your current and future financial situation.


Putting Financial Products and Policies in Place for You

If you know what product or policy you need I can help you put it into place.

  • Set up a suitable pension fund for you and advise on where it should be invested
  • Set-up an ISA for your savings
  • Set-up a life assurance, CIC or income protection policy
  • Help you to find and put in place the best annuity
  • Help find and put in place an immediate needs annuity to cover care fees


Financial Advice about something Specific

You may need help answering an important financial question.

‘Will I be able to retire early?’

‘How should I take my income in retirement?’

‘How much inheritance tax will my family have to pay?’

This may not require a full Financial Plan but will need more than just a product or policy being put in place.


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