About Leabourne Financial Advice

Leabourne Financial Advice was launched in 2012 by Sarah Pohlinger, a qualified financial adviser with 25 years’ experience in the London investment markets.

What inspired Sarah to launch her new business?

I set up as an independent and directly authorised adviser for a number of reasons:

  • To focus simply on helping people make the right financial decisions. Strangely many financial advisers don’t always do this – they are sometimes more interested in selling products and then managing those investments.
  • To make financial advice more accessible. People from all walks of life and with differing levels of wealth need financial advice, not just the affluent.
  • To give clients truly individual advice that is unique to their situation. Every client is different and hence we never provide generic solutions. By taking time to get to know you and what your aspirations are, we can provide you with the most appropriate advice.
  • To provide a fair and transparent pricing structure. We charge a set fee for a set piece of work with no commissions on products or percentage payments based on your investment value.

In order to find out how I can help you please call me to book your free 30 minute phone call or meeting on 01992 310292

What Our Clients Say