Pension Auto-Enrolment

From 2012 changes to pensions law will affect all employers with at least one worker. Employers will need to:
Automatically enrol certain workers into a pension scheme
Make contributions on their workers’ behalf
Register with the Pensions Regulator
Provide workers with certain information about the changes and how they will affect them

We Can Help:

Find out your estimated ‘Staging Date’ – the date from which you must comply
Plan for the additional costs of pension provision
Make an initial assessment of the workforce to identify who will need to be automatically enrolled
Assist in the choice of pension provider
Prepare the data necessary to send to the provider
Prepare the information necessary to send to your workforce and then run workshops to explain the process and implications to them
Set up payroll processes
Ensure that you are ready to comply on your Staging Date
Complete your Declaration of Compliance once all the above have been completed

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