Small Business Advice

As a business owner, we understand that the well being of your personal finances is inextricably linked with the well-being of your business. By looking at both yours and the business’ financial position we can help you to make financial decisions that benefit both. For example, it is possible to structure how you take your income from the business in a way that maximises tax efficiency within the business and for you personally.

There are also a number of areas of your business development that could require more specific financial advice.

We Can Help:

Your Business against unexpected events or loss of key personnel. Most small businesses are reliant on one or two key individuals for their existence and for their development. If anything were to happen to those individuals the business would also suffer.

Provide Advice for your Employees. As the new pension auto-enrolment regulations come into place, providing your employees with a good financial education so that they can make informed choices will provide you with a competitive advantage and allow you to retain satisfied employees.

Plan for your future and the future of the Business. Having built up a successful business you will need to think about an exit strategy. How can you step back from the business and how can the business continue without you. Planning ahead can put you in control of these decisions.

We advise on:

Key Person Insurance

Shareholder or Partnership Protection

Pension Planning

Succession Planning

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