What We Do

Maybe you know you need to do something with your finances but you just don’t know where to start. Or everything you have is in a mess and there’s paperwork all over the place.

We can help you make a start by ‘untangling’ your paperwork. Our financial expert can look through everything to work out what products and policies you’ve already got and what they mean for your current and future financial situation.

Savings and Investment Planning and Advice

  • Work out a regular savings and investment plan.
  • Check your investments are suitable for you and in line with your attitude to risk.
  • Make sure that any product charges are as low as possible.
  • Maximise all available tax advantages and tax allowances.

Pensions, Savings Forecasts and Advice

Pensions can seem quite daunting: terminology can be difficult to understand, and tax advantages frequently change.

  • We can help develop a tax efficient savings plan for retirement.
  • We will always check the affordability.
  • Make sure product charges are low and that they are not eating into your returns.
  • Pensions advice when going through a divorce
  • Answer any questions: ‘Will I be able to retire early?’ ‘How much income might I have in retirement?’

Retirement Choices – how and when to take your pensions

  • Advising you on the choice of retirement options
  • Review pension choices in light of any other savings, your state pension and income from property
  • Look at the most tax efficient options for your specific circumstances
  • Advise on other implications such as inheritance tax planning and death benefits.

Pension Consolidation

  • Is it advisable to consolidate your pensions?
  • Which pensions can be transferred without penalty?
  • Which pension is the best one to transfer to?

Financial Plan

For those clients who need a complete financial strategy, we offer a bespoke, personalised plan to help you see where you are today and the steps you need to take to meet the goals and objectives you want to achieve in the future. It provides you with a financial roadmap.

Investment Management

For clients who would like their investments managed on a discretionary basis, as part of the MVAM team, we can offer a range of portfolios designed around different risk profiles. Where some advisers would utilise a third party to do this, we can do it in-house. This saves you both time and cost and gives you direct access to your investment manager who has the experience to invest directly into the markets on your behalf.

In order to find out how I can help you please call me to book a meeting on 01992 310292

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